Flexible Programmable Features:
- High/Low RF Power
- System Scan
- Monitor
- Tight/Normal Squelch
- Repeater/Talk Around

Crystal-clear audio:
No hissing, crackling or background noise. Just a great radio at all times as long as you are within the coverage.

Extended talk time:
Digital format enables up to 40 percent Improvement in talk time in comparison with analogue radios. DMR digital radios features sleep and power-management technologies, which enhances battery life and extends talk time even further.

Durable & reliable:
A protective tough and rugged casing ensures Its reliability and performance in its daily ?eld operations.

Analogue & Digital:
Ability to operate in both analogue and digital modes.

Secure Battery Latch:
Battery latch lock keeps the battery ?rmly and securely in place when the radio is accidently dropped.

Digital radios are programmable for radio id, zone, shortcut button and channel frequency.

Ip 7 rated:
Dustproof and splash proof, so you can work with con?dence in any challenging environment.Double click to edit