1.   Can I buy direct from Ranger?
Ranger Communications has separate divisions within the company. The commercial line of products and RCI-5054DX
may be purchased direct. However, Ranger Communications, Inc. (RCI- Series, 10 & 12 meter band) Amateur products, Texas Ranger (TR- Series ) line of CB products and Super Star product lines are sold only through a network of Ranger Authorized Distributors.  The distributors in turn sell to dealers or retailers.  
  2.   But I don't have a dealer in my town, can I now buy direct?
Ranger's strong commitment to our distributor network simply prevents us from selling direct to the consumer. However, you can also click here "Dealer Links" for a list of online dealers. However, this is a list of only the Ranger Dealers that have web sites featuring Ranger products. Many are equipped to take your order on-line from the internet.
3.   If I purchase a radio from a dealer, can Ranger ship it directly to me?
Ranger can only ship products directly to the distributors. We are unable, at this time, to drop ship to the consumer market.

4.   How do I send my radio in for repair?

5.   How long before I receive it back? What is the turn around time for repairs?

6.   What are the payment arrangements or terms service repair?

7.   Do you service Galaxy, RG-99, etc. radios?
8.   I would like to install a different mic, can I get the wiring diagram for my radio?

9.  What power supply should I buy if I want to use my mobile radio at home as a base station?

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2.   Can the TR-121 be modified?

3.   Which models of Ranger radios can be modified?

4.   Which one of the Ranger radios is closest the the Cobra 29?
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Technical Service Related Questions

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2.    Can I get the alignment instructions for the RCI-2950?

3.    Do you have complete parts list and prices?

4.    Can we get large workbench size schematics?

5.    Do you have any information about modifying the radios?

6.    How do I receive technical assistance on repair of my radio?

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   Which models of the FRS radios do you make?