10 Meter AM-FM

Mobile Radio

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ss-39 10 meter mobile radio picture


Introducing Ranger Communications newest 10-meter radio. An affordable 10-meter radio offering AM operators 25 watts of peak power. Along with a blue channel display and meter, the SS-39 provides features such as adjustable echo, adjustable talk back, roger beep and Rangers 2 year factory warranty. The SS-39 will satisfy your need for a high quality, high performing, and affordable radio..

SS-39 Specifications



Mic Gain

Adjusts microphone gain in transmit mode

RF Gain

Adjusts receivers gain for weak or strong signals

NB-ANL On-Off Switch

Works in conjunction to reduce noise in mobile operation

Band Selector

Band coverage in 6 switched steps

RF Power Control

Adjusts the RF power output

Front Panel SWR Meter

Built in meter to monitor signal strength, RF output and SWR

Talk Back Control

Enables adjustable talk back

Echo/Time Control

Controls the echo effects