10 Meter AM-FM-SSB-CW Mobile Radios

To see a large close up view, click here: SS-3900EGHP-American Spirit

The SS-3900EGHP-AMERICAN SPIRIT is a reliable mid priced 10 meter AM-FM-SSB-CW mobile radio. It offers 10 watts AM-FM-CW, 25 watts PEP, SSB and provides high performance with features such as Mic/RF gain, and dual finals. The SS-3900EGHP also has dual echo controls, talk back switch and a Patriotic American flag face plate.

SS-3900EGHP-American Spirit

Mic Gain Adjusts microphone gain in transmit mode
RF Gain Adjusts receivers gain for weak or strong signals
SWR Calibration Allows calibration of SWR meter to match the antenna to your radio for maximum radiated power
Band selector Band coverage in 6 switched steps
NB-ANL On-Off switch Works in conjunction to reduce noise in mobile operation
Front panel SWR meter Built in meter to monitor signal strength, RF output and SWR
Talk back switch Enables talk back
Echo/Time control Controls the echo effects