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Photo of the TR-121 CP/WX


High Performance in a small package with the Texas Ranger TR-121CP 40 channel CB AM radio
Ranger's traditional series of affordable CB radios bring you high performance, small size, and uncluttered simplicity. The TR-121CP with internal Public Address (PA) amplifier is ideal for the leisure vehicle market and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. Typical applications for the TR-121CP are RV caravans, dune buggies, ATVs, and Jeep Posses.

In the dunes, canyons and gullies, these radios can communicate where others, such as the FRS or business radios, cannot. FRS radio frequencies require line of sight and operate with very low output power. CB frequencies can bend, penetrate and access others that VHF and UHF (FRS) are unable to reach.

High Performance in a small package Uncluttered Simplicity
External Speaker Jack High Performance Receiver Design
PA Feature (TR-121CP) Phase-locked loop Circuitry
Maximum Talk Power without Flat-topping Full Size Microphone Included
Illuminated Power/Signal Strength Meter One year warranty

TR-121CP AM Mobile This model features a large, easy-to-read channel indicatior, front panel mike plug, seperate volume and squelch controls, and a two-function meter for monitoring incoming signal strength and output power. Exclusive to this model is "Talkback" for listening to the transmitted signal and Public Address (PA) circuitry. PA is especially useful in emergencies or for talking to bystanders outside a vehicle.

For the ultimate in economy, the TR-121CP Series is the perfect choice.

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  TR-121 CP 

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