TR-696FD1 "Freedom 1"
40 Channel AM/SSB mobile CB radio

Brown Line

"Freedom 1"

Introducing Rangers "Freedom 1"40 channel CB radio. This AM/SSB mobile offers a 6-digit frequency counter and a very attractive American Flag front face.

Maximum Performance

Ranger's newest Patriotic CB radio features the "new circuit design" concept by Ranger Communications, Inc. Built with ruggedness, durability and reliability in mind, this model will answer your needs for AM/SSB operation.

The 696FD1 offers Advanced Noise Filter Circuit for improved signal to noise ratio, providing high noise rejection capability. The Advanced Noise Filter circuit de-emphasizes the audio high frequency response in order to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of weak signals.

This provides you with the ability to receive those marginal signals with much more clarity and understandability. Combined with the Noise Blanker and the Automatic Noise Limiter, this has to be the quietest mobile stations ever manufactured.

The radio features a built in 6 digit frequency counter and has the same circuitry as the TR-900 series. The TR-696FD1 will satisfy your need for high performance.

Features of the TR-696FD1
Frequency counter on/off switch For glare reduction at night
Channel 19 Switch Useful for the instant switch to the information channel
RF Gain control Allows control to reduce gain of RF amplifier under strong signal conditions
NB/ANL Reduces background noise in mobile operation
PA switch Quick switch to PA for emergency situations