10 Meter CW-FM-AM-USB-LSB Radio

Brown Line


To see a large close up view, click here: VR-9000

The VR-9000 is an excellent and time-tested 10 Meter AM-SSB-FM-CW radio. Sideband is selectable Upper or Lower Sideband. Output power is 25 watts PEP and 12 Watts AM/CW. This radio is probably best explained as having the circuitry of our SS-3900GHP except with the addition of two very important features: Dual Echo and 5 digits Frequency Counter.

Features of the VR-9000
R. B On/Off Switch Roger Beep (also known as End Of Transmission tone for those weak signal contacts)
NB/ANL On/Off Switch Selectable Noise Blanker and ANL (they work in conjunction to reduce noise in mobile operation or noisy locations)
Frequency Counter On/Off Switch Frequency Counter On/Off switch for glare reduction at night
+10 KHz switch A +10 KHz switch for ease of tuning a signal.
S/SWR Meter Built in S- Meter and SWR meter
SWR CAL and RF PWR Switch SWR Calibration.and adjustable RF Output power
A through F Band Coverage Switch Band Coverage in 6 switched steps
Fine/Coarse Switch Fine and Coarse frequency adjustment for precise tuning