Ranger Communications Limited Warranty


Ranger Communications, Inc. (Ranger) warrants to the original purchaser only this
product against defects in material or workmanship, as noted below.

The following Ranger Communications, Inc.'s products are covered by a 1 Year
limited warranty;

Commercial - Business Band Products: All Models.
Voyager Rural Telephony Products: All Models.

The following Ranger products are covered by a 2 Year limited warranty;

Amateur Radio Products: RCI-2950DX, RCI-2970DX, RCI-2980WX, RCI-2985DX, RCI-2995DX,
RCI-5054DX-100, RCI-6300F25, RCI-6300F150, RCI-6900F25, RCI-6900F150, VR-9000, SS-3900,
SS-3900GHP-A, SS-158EDX, RCI-63FFC2, RCI-69FFC2.

Citizens Band Products: TR-121CP, TR-396FC, TR-696F, TR-696FD1, TR-696FSSB, TR-966, TR-936, TR-127FS, TR-127GK, TR-127FST, TRP-127FSC, TRE-127SLE.

The above products are warranted for the specified time period from the original date of purchase as shown on the original purchaser’s bill of sale, receipted invoice, or other proof of purchase. After this period, the original purchaser must pay for any labor at the prevailing rate at an authorized Ranger repair facility.

In the event of a defect during the warranty period, Ranger shall, at its option, repair or replace the defective product. Such action shall constitute the purchaser’s exclusive remedy under this warranty.

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained from the Ranger Customer Service Department before any returns for warranty repair will be accepted.

This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse, negligence, improper installation, UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATION, or any action in violation of product’s instruction manual. This warranty is valid only in the U.S.A.

1. "Limited" means that we will repair problems that are caused by factory defects, only for the above mentioned products and time limit, at no charge. Work performed by qualified technicians who did not cause any damage to the radio will not void the warranty. Problems or damage caused by unqualified or misinformed technicians, operator abuse or other miscellaneous actions may be able to be repaired, but there will be a charge. This warranty is also limited to the radio only.

2. Generally, if the warranty sticker is removed or cut, the radio is considered to be "Void of Warranty". However, our policy is to be as lenient as we can, and to take this into consideration. We will usually repair the radio - under warranty - if no abuse or misuse is found. Radios that have parts removed, cut or clipped or the PCB is found to have been damaged will not be repaired under warranty.