Commercial Band Repair Information


All RCI-1000 series, SM-1645, Voyager Rural Telephones, RCI-7100 and all marine radio repairs, either in or out of warranty, should be sent to Ranger Communications by following the directions below. For out of warranty repairs on these items, we will call
you with a repair estimate.

A Return Authorization Number must be obtained from Ranger before any returns for repair will be accepted. Please click here to email us for a return authorization number.

Attach a letter to the radio being returned with detailed explanation of the problems you are having. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for the technician to locate the problem. Please remember to include your name, return address and phone number.

You must enclose a photocopy of your receipt for proof of purchase of an in warranty radio. If your radio is out of warranty, we will call you with an estimate. Please retain the original receipt for your records.

• Carefully pack radio in suitable size box - shipping a radio safely is the shipper's responsibility. Pay the shipping and insurance charges (shipping charges and insurance to Ranger are not covered by our warranty.)
You must write the return number on the outside of the box or the radio will be refused.

Ship it insured to:

867 Bowsprit Rd.,

Chula VIsta, CA 91914